Product Manager

One of the last projects I worked on as a product manager was the Iranian popular media websites in technology. I am responsible for product management throughout the product life cycle, gathering customer needs, market research, product road mapping, prioritizing them, data analysis, and measuring the feasibility of implementing new ideas to create income by the software development team, SEO team, and product marketing team. During this time, I achieved to: Improved User Engagement up to 65% by registering comments on articles by readers Extended 15% of the time on pages by A/B testing techniques Decreased the site's downtime from 17 minutes per week to <5 minutes As a result, Raised 8% of the site's visitors, and a 7% increase in advertising revenue followed.

Product Manager

The SnappTrip (one of the Rocket Internet and MTN's holding in Iran ventures) is an online hotel and travel booking service. When I was a product manager, I worked with a cross-functional team, digital marketing team, user experience (UX) team, sales manager. Etc. In my achievement in this position: I grew 12% of the payment success ratio by fixing users’ problems via payment gateways. I cultivated 13% of the hotel's fulfillment. In addition, I've done other tasks like A/B Testing to improve the search results, and we've learned a lot from the failures that we've had.
AtiTel Co.

Product Manager

In this company, I work on the VOD service its name is Mibinim. In this Project, I find about these types of products complexity such as concurrent users, players, and streaming platforms. I used Agile methodologies such as Scrum and Kanban to reach our business goals. Some parts of this product that I ran focused on children and worked similar to YouTube Kids, which provided 70% of our traffic and Built the product's return up to 30%.

CEO, Project Manager


  • Ability to communicate empathetically with the end-user and understand customer’ needs
  • Aptitude to prioritize needs, requests, and improved features in line with business goals
  • Understanding to coordinate and facilitate group meetings to communicate effectively with stakeholders and receive feedback and ideas that increase product values
  • Sufficient knowledge and experience of Agile mindset and Agile methodologies
  • Sufficient expertise in documenting lessons learned and incident reports.
  • Nearly good understanding of infrastructure, software development complexities, and product testing
  • Desire working with numbers and data analysis
  • Energy to present the achievements of the product development team
  • A good teammate and loves to create great teamwork to achieve predetermined goals


Agile and Scrum Course

April 2016


  • Traveling and Discovering new
  • Capturing moments
  • Sport
  • Reading & Writing
  • Helping to Other
  • Coffee and Nutella
  • Working with Data
  • Listening & playing Music


A.S University of Applied & Science (Tehran)

Computer Software Engineering